Sunriver Serenade

Very excited to be at Sunriver Books this Saturday!

At Sunriver Books in 2012.

At Sunriver Books in 2012.

As the glamorous Katy King and I travel around, it becomes clear that most of the United States suffers for a lack of independent book stores. Thank the gods, that’s not as true in Oregon. We have a wide array of terrific indies here. Sunriver is one of my favorites.

Can’t wait to see everyone there!


Too Good To Be True?

Big thanks to Hank Philippi Ryan at Femmes Fatales for helping me share the story of a fantastic young couple of heroines … who just happen to be real. I collected them from a New York Times engagement announcement.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hank Phillippi Ryan

It’s titled “My Most Unforgettable Characters (This Sunday, at Least.)” Scroll down below Elaine Viets’ piece on her first mystery, “Backstab.”

And if you aren’t a regular reader of Femmes Fatales, reconsider that. It features thoughts on the whole writing field from none other than Hank and Elaine, as well as Donna Andrews, Dana Cameron, Charlaine Harris, Dean James/Miranda James, Tori L.P. Kelner, Kris Neri, Catriona McPherson, Mary Saums, and Marcia Talley.

Thanks for the space to tell a ridiculously fun, real-life story, folks!

It Ain’t Rocket Surgery

I love teaching my workshops!

For the last couple of years, I’ve focused on a series of workshops designed to help first-time mystery writers. There are some truly simple tricks that make it much more likely that a new writer will get to those all-important words, “The End.”

Powell's.talkThere are those who want us to believe that being a novelist somehow requires divine intervention or near-superhuman abilities. I’m of the opinion that it takes patience, work and luck. And that a few crafty tricks will tip the balance in favor of the writer. If something was easier than it looks, my brother used to say, “Hell, it ain’t rocket surgery.” I’ve stolen that jumbled colloquialism for these workshops.

I just did a two-hour gig at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale. Among the feedback:

“I attended your workshop today at the Poisoned Pen … I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop, and how very much I gleaned from it.”

PP.story.hands“That was really useful. Some of these classes aren’t but I want to try some of the stuff you said.”

“That was fun! I have some new ideas now for my book. Thanks!”

Seriously. How cool is that?


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