So These Three Writers Walk Into TaborSpace, and One Says …

Bill Cameron

Bill Cameron

Our Willamette Writers panel, slated for earlier this month, got clobbered by snow and freezing rain. So, undaunted, we’re trying it again. Mystery authors Bill Cameron, April Henry and I will be meeting this Saturday, Feb. 22, at TaborSpace,



(You have to love the, ah, interesting energy we bring to TaborSpace. Check out this week’s lineup: Spiritual Memoir Writing; Hatha Yoga, Young Adult Meditation, Women’s Support Group and then, on Saturday, three schmucks talking about creative homicide. Yeah. We’re gonna fit right in.)

April Henry

April Henry

The workshop starts at 9 a.m., with me, discussing ways to keep the writing process fun and moving forward. I blather until 11.

Bill is next from 11:15 a.m. until 1:15 p.m. His topic is: Not Who They Think They Are: Building Character Through Contradiction.

April bats cleanup, of course. She’s on from 2:15 until 4:15 p.m., discussing After the Plot Thickens – Stir!



There will be coffee, parking and food. But more importantly, coffee.

Check out the details here for this all-day workshop. (Note: the old venue in West Linn might still be listed on the website.)

Next up for Willamette Writers: screenwriter Clark Kohanek in March, and contemporary fiction author Jennie Shortridge in April.

Damn You, Jack Frost!

Willamette Writers has postponed this weekend’s writing workshop with mystery novelists April Henry, Bill Cameron and me.

We will shift to Feb. 22.

Check back with Willy Writers as we get closer. Trust us: This is a really cool workshop and (weather gods permitting), you’ll get a helluva lot out of it!

Check it out.

April Henry

April Henry

Bill Cameron

Bill Cameron



The Radical Write – Postponed


Looking forward to teaming up with the talented and hilarious April Henry and Bill Cameron on Saturday, Feb. 8, for a writing workshop that is guaranteed to lead all participants astray.

AprilBillWait, that came out wrong.

Or maybe not. Bill and April are terrific writers, and they are great at taking “common knowledge” about this craft and giving it a new and creative spin. This class is guaranteed to be valuable for everyone interested in trying their hand at long-form writing.

Bill’s topic is character.

April takes a look at plot.

And I talk about writing tricks to get into the flow and to reach the words, “The End.”

The day-long workshop takes place in West Linn (sign up to get an address) and costs $95 for Willamette Writer members and $131 for non-members.  We need the money for bus fare, honest. We promise not to blow it on meth. Come on; we’re mystery writers. When have we ever lied to you?

Also, check out my new link on Goodreads.


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