Daria Gibron returns, taking on a Serbian death squad, a disgraced CIA hit team, and Viorica, a thief and mercenary with whom she is so evenly matched, they might be the opposite sides of the same coin.




Daria Gibron is back! The Israeli ex-soldier, ex-spy and adrenaline junkie, is set up as the fall-guy for an assassination in order to distract every Western intelligence agency from a terrorist strike that could kill thousands. Daria must evade the CIA and its international brethren, and team up with natural enemies, in order to stop a man who the closet thing in the world she has to family.



The National Transportation Safety Board providers “Crashers,” experts charged with finding out why airplanes fall out of the sky. So what does an NTSB Go-Team do when their own Crashers are victims of a disaster? Dr. Tommy Tomzak and the rest of his team from “CRASHERS” are back, but this time, some are investigators, some are victims and some are dead! Assisting the investigators is the mysterious and mercurial Daria Gibron, an Israeli ex-soldier, ex-spy and adrenaline junkie, and Ray Calabrese of the FBI. As the clues mount, it’s clear that the official cause of the crash doesn’t jibe with the memories of the Crashers on board. That’s when a “shadow” investigation — one that someone wants badly to fail — is launched.

Breaking Point MM


When an airliner falls out of the sky for no apparent reason, the National Transportation Safety Board gathers Crashers: specialists in a hundred fields, whose job it is to pick through the debris, and the lives of the victims, to find out what happened. The team is led by pathologist Dr. Tommy Tomzak and assisted by Daria Gibron, an Israeli ex-soldier, ex-spy and adrenaline junkie who gets involved, not to solve the crime, but because she’s bored. Usually, a crash investigation can take up to two years, but this time, Tommy, Daria and the team aren’t just trying to find out why the plane crashed; they’re trying to stop the next one. And they have hours, not months, to find answers.


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Dana Haynes BooksDana’s previous mysteries, “Bishop’s Gambit, Declined,” “Perpetual Check” and “Sacrifice Play,” were published by Bantam Books and Severn House of England. They were written under the pen name Conrad Haynes.

  1. It goes without saying that everything I write is dedicated to Don Haynes of the Texas Haynes’ (Never mind about Shirley. That secret’s between us.)



  2. Don Haynes (of the Texas Haynes')

    Just read Crashers and was thoroughly entertained. Will have to read your other books and see if any are also dedicated to me. Who the heck is Shirley Haynes?

  3. Loretta sager

    Hi I am lady transport driver and the radio reception sucks so I started listening to books on the CD and I really enjoyed the Crashers

  4. Enjoyed Crasher and Breaking Point. And now I have Ice Cold Kill and Gun Metal Heart. I can’t wait to start!

  5. My vision makes it difficult to read very long. I found “Crashers” in audiobook. Loved it. Then “Breaking Point” had me sad over connections made in “Crashers”. Have you not made an audio cd for the last two? I have had friends do exhaustive searchs for me.

  6. Thank you for writing in such a way that it is very readable and exiciting.You are quite an author and I hope you write many more!!!!!!

  7. Hi Dana, my wonderful girlfriend Judy turned me on to your great book Crashers and then to Breaking Point. They were both great to read. I can’t wait to start Ice Cold Kill. I’m also looking forward to your new book Gun Metal Heart. Keep them coming!!!

  8. I REALLY enjoyed “Crashers”…and it was a fluke that I even have the book. I found it in a Dollar Tree store…What is up with that?? But it was my good fortune, and I thank you. I’m looking forward to reading more with the Go Team, and little Daria…love her. She reminds me of Ziva David, on NCIS. Thanks again Dana…

  9. Just finished Crashers which I picked up at our local Dollar Tree store here in Grants Pass. Best $1.00 I ever spent. Crashers had me turning pages long after I shoulda been asleep. A totally awesome read.
    I’m glad to hear that our hero’s come back in Breaking Point and that Daria got her own book.
    Now Dana you just need to start pumping out a new book every other day. Just kidding but in all seriousness, Crashers was such a fun read. It’s nice to find a riveting book set in Oregon. Keep up the good work.

  10. Monique: Thank you for your service! Dana

  11. I am. US Navy. I am almost finished ICE COLD KILL now too lol. I bought it and it shipped really quickly. I’m going to give it to the ship’s library so they have all three books.

  12. Monique: Are you serving in our armed services? Dana

  13. Currently deployed and ran out of e-books. Went to the ship’s library and found 2 titles by the same author (Dana Haynes). Read the summary on one, picked up both. Finished both in two days. Craving more desperately! Going to see how fast ICE COLD KILL can be shipped here.

  14. That is because you are wise and good, and a decent human being. And anybody who disagrees with you hates our freedoms. Dana

  15. I just finished “Crashers” and read it straight through. Loved it ! Going to hunt down “Breaking Point” ASAP !

  16. I read Ice Cold Kill in June I wrote a review for it on Amazon and Bookreads.

  17. The fire starts at the engine, 1 mile from the fuselage wreckage. the ambulances get within 1/2 mile of the wreckage. The hunters dig a fire break and the firefighters are called. Comeon give us a reason that the fire burned uncontrolled for all those days, then withstands a waterbombbardment then burns thru a town. A bit much methinks.

  18. Stumbled on “Crashers” at my local biblioteca. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I am looking forward to a successful stalk on “Breaking Point”. As Tomzak might say “Ya done good, my friend!”

  19. I just finished reading Ice Cold Kill. I really enjoyed the book and wished there had been more.

  20. WOW! My hubby bought Crashers for me for Christmas – and I couldn’t put it down! He asked me to describe it for him and I said it was like Michael Crichton meets 24, lol. (high praise in our house) Keep up the great work – I can’t wait to read Breaking Point. 🙂

  21. David H. Harris

    I wanted to thank you for a couple of things. First for being an author! I just found Breaking Point at my local library, Loutit in Grand Haven, MI, and I could not stop reading until the finish.
    Secondly, I think your character, Daria Gibron, is awesome. I have a daughter named Daria and found this character totally fastinating. I will keep reading and have added your name to my list of authors to watch for and to read!!!

  22. What? BREAKING POINT isn’t in Palm Springs? By all that’s holy, I’ll come down there myself and look for it. And I’ll stay as long as it takes to find it! The trick is to lounge by the pool side and don’t look like you’re hunting the book. That way you can sneak up on it. Don’t thank me: That’s just the kinda guy I am.

  23. margaret davis


  24. Eilene Rider

    Bought Crashers for my husband. He couldn’t put it down. So then I read it, and I couldn’t put it down. Now I’m going to the store to get Breaking Point. And I’ll be sure to recommend it to my friends. Excellent read!!

  25. I read Crashers, on my Kindle, to my husband while traveling to Palm Springs. Loved it and could hardly put it down. Am just about to load Breaking Point onto my Kindle. Will read it every time we get in the car to run errands in sunny Southern California. We are Portlanders(I read about you in the Oregonian) and applaud you for fantastic writing. All of your characters are super.

  26. Dana,
    Enjoyed reading both Crashers and Breaking Point. They were both page turners for me for both the aviation related theme and especially the characters.
    Over the Xmas holidays I visited with relatives and we spoke of books recently read. I told them about both of your books. There was some iBook purchasing going later 🙂

    Look forward to the Daria books in the near future.


  27. Wait. Can we go back to the part where you’re making fried chicken and didn’t invite the author?!?!

  28. I am about half way through Crashers and am totally hooked. I fried chicken last night while standing at the stove reading. Your knowledge of a crash is phenominal yet easy for a novice to read. I cannot wait to finish and get to your second book.


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