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A two-novelist affair

Not for nothing, but my girlfriend of the past five years is a novelist, too. Katy King.

She writes a series of murder mysteries set here in Portland, Oregon, featuring a female P.I., Jane Lanier. They’re very good. She’s working on a re-write of her third novel right now.

She’s also a lot smarter than I am, which is pretty fun. This is her.

Katy King, author of "City of Suspects"

Katy King, author of "City of Suspects"


Hi. My name is Dana Haynes. I used to be a novelist, a very long time ago and, come 2010, I will be again.
Back in the day — and I’m talking the late 1980s, early 1990s, I had three mystery novels published under the name Conrad Haynes. They were published by Bantam Books in the U.S. and by Severn House in England.
Then I hit a dry spell. Calling the last 20 years “dry” is like calling the Pacific Ocean “wet.”
But I got through it. I kept writing. And St. Martin’s Press is going to publish two of my novels in 2010.
Which explains this blog.
Yes, I am a novelist. But perhaps more importantly, I’ve been a failed novelist. I’ve had more than my share of rejection slips. So I thought, maybe, I could share some of that experience with other would-be novelists. I’ve invented so many wheels, maybe what I went through can help other writers.
So I’m blogging. I can’t help myself.
Seriously. Who doesn’t have a blog? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has a blog, for Pete’s sake. Al-Qaeda has a bloody blog. I may be the last man standing not to blog, so, you know, what the hell.
See you around.


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