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My first fiction editor

When I was first published, many, many years ago, it was with Bantam. My editor at the time was Kate Miciak.

There was never, ever, a better editor for a young writer than Kate. Could not happen.

This is true: I got back my manuscript on the first novel, “Bishop’s Gambit, Declined,” and Kate had gone over it with blue ink, blank ink, green ink, red ink and pencil. Each color represented another painstaking sweep through the manuscript.

I got away with nothing.

Coincidence? She had, like, this sixth sense.

Sloppy over-dramatic reveals? She caught them every time.

Now, I spent 20 years in newspaper newsrooms. So I have a thicker skin, perhaps, than others, but I loved how tough she was. She made me a far better writer than I had been.

Haven’t spoken to her in ages. One of the big things I’m looking forward to, now that I’m back in the Biz, is letting Kate Miciak know how much I appreciate her.


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