2010? Really? Weird….

I started writing “Crashers” in 2000. When the sun rises tomorrow, I will have lived with these characters for 11 freakin’ years. Good lord. When I think back to just how crappy those early drafts were, I want to sign up for an English As a Second Language course.

When the sun rises tomorrow, my novel will debut in only five months.

When the sun rises tomorrow, Katy King and I will enter our seventh year together. Yes, your honor, I stipulate to the fact that she could do better. But there it is.

When the sun rises tomorrow, it will officially be the year of the Great Recovery from the Great Recession. It will be the year of the draw-downs for military activity in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will be the year that near-universal health care – badly flawed, weirdly hobbled and politically castrated – will begin setting in. It’s a rough start. But it’s a start. Congress needs to pat itself on the back for kick-starting the dreams of FDR, JFK, LBJ and the Clinton couple. Then, get busy fixing the biggest flaws, such as a lack of a public option and the infuriating limitations on women’s reproductive rights.

Long before the sun rises tomorrow, Velocity and Glamour will begin wrestling on the bed and will wake me up. Cranky, I’ll get up, perk a pot of coffee, then will grab a Roaring Spring Paper Products steno pad, a Sanford “Clickster” 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. I’ll curl up in the big leather chair, yell at the cats to stop breaking things, then dig down and get some traction on The Next Novel.

‘Cause there’s always a Next Novel. Always.

Happy New Year, folks. Buckle up. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

About danahaynes

Dana Haynes is the author of ICE COLD KILL (2013), BREAKING POINT (2011) and CRASHERS (2010) from Minotaur and St. Martin's Press.

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