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Another lovely review

Holy hell! The advanced reader copies of Crashers continue to draw such incredibly cool comments! We received this one a couple of days ago:

“I got the review copy and picked it up when I went for a walk on the treadmill. Now I can’t put it down. WOWWWWW! I predict that this will be a #1 best-seller. This author did his homework for sure and throwing the villain into the…”

Oh. Spoiler warning. Can’t finish that sentence without giving away something vital. Sorry.

“topical, fast and downright scary”

OK, we got another lovely review from a blogster who got the advanced reader copy of the novel. I am nothing but a six-foot puddle of joy right this minute.

Okay, okay, okay…. Five-eleven. Dammit.

Deadly Pleasures

Oh, man! George Easter is outing me from my Conrad Haynes days at his mystery-loving Web site, Deadly Pleasures News. Guilty as charged. That was me, way back in the 1990s. I didn’t know there was anyone still alive who remembered my three mystery novels from back in the day. Thankfully, George doesn’t say anything about my hair style or clothes from back then. Kind gentleman.

For the record, Deadly Pleasures has been nominated four times for Anthony Awards at the World Mystery Convention for Best Mystery Magazine. It’s worth checking out.


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