That’s amore!

Received yesterday a copy of my novel, “Crashers,” with a cover blurb that reads, “La Scatola nera puo raccontare una storia agghiacciante.”

“The black box can tell a dreadful story.”

That’s right: It’s the Italian translation of my novel. From Rizzoli, a major Italian publisher. St. Martin’s sold them the foreign rights. My editor is shocked: he said it usually takes a year or so for a translated version to come out. Rizzoli did it in three weeks.

How freaking surreal is that?

Take this random passage from inside the book: “Susan! Come andiamo?” chiese Kiki Duvall mentre scendeva na arrivati con John Roby, e Kiki portava con se la copia digitale delle registrazioni vocali della cabina.

Roughly (sorry, I’m bad at this): “Susan! How are we doing?” Kiki Duvall asked as she and John Roby climbed out of the rental. They had just arrived, and with Kiki was the digital recording of the cockpit voice recorder.”


You’ll note, kind reader, that I opted to translate “agghiacciante” as “dreadful” and not “dreadfully.” I’ve been to Italy many, many times but my Italian is Berlitz-basic, so forgive me. “The black box can tell a story…dreadfully” would be a truly crappy review of the novel.

I don’t know from the Rizzoli Marketing Department, so I had to take a wing-and-a-prayer on that one.

By the way: Rizzoli made a trailer for the novel. It’s pretty cool, if you get past the Kermit the Frog scream halfway through and the fact that they attribute the novel to Donna Hines. Click here.

About danahaynes

Dana Haynes is the author of ICE COLD KILL (2013), BREAKING POINT (2011) and CRASHERS (2010) from Minotaur and St. Martin's Press.

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