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Seattle, here we come

Heading north this Saturday for a gig at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop. Cannot wait.

This is a truly cool independent bookstore, and if you haven’t discovered it yet, find a way to do so. If you’re a lover of great bookshops, and if you’re in the Seattle area, you’d be crazy not to.

The event is noon this Saturday at the shop, 117 Cherry St. in Pioneer Square. For details, click here.

Oh, and a propos of nothing, the event got a one-sentence write-up in Seattle Weekly. It listed the name and address of the shop, the date and time, and my name. Then added: “Her new mystery is ‘Crashers.’”

I really gotta update that mug shot of mine.

Salem rocks!

Terrific event last Thursday at the Salem Library. We drew about 40 people for a question-and-answer session. Many thanks to Sonja for organizing the event and to Tim of The Willamette Store for selling copies of the book.

On ‘The Zone’

Whilest planning my presentation for Saturday’s Sisters In Crime workshop at Portland Community College, I realized my theme is going to be pretty simple: When writing a mystery novel, you better be entertaining yourself. If the act of writing the book becomes a chore – like cleaning the cat box or making the kids’ lunch – then you’re in trouble.

So I’ll be talking about ways to stay in The Zone. To keep the writing lively and fresh and fun.

You should come check it out. Chelsea Cain, April Henry, Sharan Newman and Robert Ray will be on hand to share their knowledge. Murder By The Book will be there to talk about trends. There’ll be sandwiches, dammit. With chips and, I dunno, kosher spears. Seriously. Who could ask for anything more? Go to for more details.


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