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Willy Writers

Next up for “Crashers” is a gig with my old friends, Willamette Writers. The event is set for 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at The Old Church, at the corner of Southwest 11th and Clay in downtown Portland.

Willy Writers gave me a cardiac arrest this week when friends started sending me e-mails saying, “Haynes! Spielberg? Congrats, dude!” After I picked myself up off the floor, I checked the WW site and, sure enough, they said “Crashers” would be directed by Steven Spielberg in 2011.

They had me mixed up with another writer and, when I brought it to the attention of their Web person, it was quickly removed. But not before my aneurism, thank you. But before that (being the ever-lovin’ optimist) I literally called my agent, Janet, and said, “Um, anything you need to tell me?” Hey, it didn’t hurt to ask.

Anyway, the wondrous Cynthia Herself Whitcomb (adore. her.) will be there, and she’s more than worth the price of admission. This should be a good gig. See you there?



After Seattle and San Francisco, Spokane is next! Speaking at 12:30 p.m., Sunday at Auntie’s Books, 402 West Main Ave. I attended Lewis and Clark High School, so this is a homecoming of sorts for me. Can’t wait!

I left my heart in San Francisco….

The World Mystery Convention in San Francisco was a blast. Have to admit, though, that mystery writer Katy King and I fled the scene, took a ferry ride and also hit the shopping district pretty hard (John Varvados rocks). Chatted with my publishers about the paperback version of “Crashers.” Also, the sequel. (The title for which I suggested “Thin Thighs in 30 Days.” They suggested I rethink the title.) Funniest anecdote of the week was Alafair Burke’s bit of business about walking nude into an athletic club’s weight room, thinking it was the shower.


San Fran!

Heading off tomorrow to Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention, in beautiful San Francisco! A long-time friend, Robert Crais, is getting honored for writing, oh, a couple trillion really good mysteries. Robert and I   came up together at Bantam’s Paperback Originals series some years ago, along with Sue Grafton (you may have heard of her). I’m also meeting my St. Martin’s editor to talk about my second thriller and (knock on wood) the third book.

See you there?

In Seattle

Yours truly at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop this last weekend. What a gem of a shop that is! I was honored to do a signing there, and they asked me back for the sequel! Yea!

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