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St. Martin’s has accepted my edits for the sequel to “Crashers.” It’s going to the copy editing phase next.

Which means I can focus on the third novel. Which is about 170 pages done. First draft, naturally.


Line edits

I should power through the most recent set of edits from el Jefe this weekend and get them shipped back by Monday.

My editor, Keith, has three primary character traits. First, he’s a wise-ass. Second, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture (do NOT get him started in Sid and Marty Krofft). Third, he can explain with the precision of a laser exactly what he wants edited, and why, and how it will make a sentence, or a paragraph, or a scene, or the damn novel, slightly better.

Many editors can edit. Few, I’ve found, can explain why they edit.

This process is more fun than I had a right to hope for.



Feelin’ the love from the librarians!

“Crashers” got short-listed, along with two other books, from the American Library Association as a “must-read” for winter! This was at the ALA Midwinter conference in beautiful San Diego.

The others are “The Nearest Exit” by Olen Steinhauer, and “They’re Watching” by Gregg Hurwitz. Neither of which I’ve read, cuz I’m a loser-slacker. But I will.



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