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Wow, does that bring back memories!

I spoke this evening at the library in West Linn, Ore. I started out as a reporter at the West Linn Tidings a quarter century ago, then served as editor of that paper. My literary agent was a West Linn resident before she moved to New York City. Being back there was a blast! Good audience, too, with keen questions. That was fun!

That’s me with librarian Cheryl Hill, at the West Linn Library, April 25, 2011. Photos by Katy King.

Great marketing!

Minotaur Books – a subset of St. Martin’s Press – has released its fall 2011 catalog for bookstores and libraries. I swear, their marketing copy for my sequel, “Breaking Point,” is almost better written than my damn novel!

“Three plane crash experts find themselves victims and witnesses rather than investigators when the plane they are on crashes in the next thriller from Dana Haynes.
“En route to a conference, three NTSB experts – known to insiders as ‘Crashers’ – Tommy Tomzak, a pathologist from Texas, Kiki Duvall, a sound engineer and former naval officer; and Isaiah Grey, investigator and pilot – are aboard a twin turbo prop plane when, just outside of Helena, Montana, the plane crashes into a thickly forested mountainside.”

(No spoiler warning necessary; this happens pretty early in the book.)

“But the crash isn’t an accident – it was brought down on purpose – and the “Crashers” weren’t the target. The plane was attacked by mercenaries, led by an enigmatic, shadowy self-described patriot known only as Calendar, using weapons technology banned by international treaty. The targets – three men who planned to blow the whistle on the weapons technology and the power brokers behind its development.”

(See how exciting they make this sound? Cool, huh.)

“In a twisty, compelling thriller that goes from the streets of Spain, to the mountains of the western United States, to the heart of the dark, hidden corridors of power where there are dangerous secrets that few suspect and fewer know, the “Crashers” are literally dropped in the middle of a case that neither starts, nor ends, with a plane crash with some of their own on board. With allies – unseen and even unknown – working behind the scenes to help them, the team is trapped in the midst of a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse with the deadliest of consequences, a game that not all of them will survive…”

See? I told you the marketing copy is great.

I called Katy when I got this and told her, “Damn, I can’t wait to read this book! Oh wait… That’s right, I wrote it.”

And now…paperback

Here it is: the cover of the paperback version of “Crashers.”

The hardcover made its debut last June, and the paperback is scheduled to hit stores on or around Oct. 4.

A few weeks later, and the hardback of the sequel, “Breaking Point,” reaches bookshelves.

I like the red-and-gold color scheme for the paperback; very different from the blues and silvers of the hardback.

Cannot wait!


At last: The new cover!

Here it is: The “working cover” for the sequel of “Crashers!”

It’s called “Breaking Point.” It’s due out in late October.

I say “working cover” because St. Martin’s Press needs a cover in order to advertise the thriller for bookstore owners, librarians and the nation’s two major warehouses that serve the publishing industry. That being said, the cover could change between now and October.

In the meantime, this is my new baby! Love it much?

This just in…

Lovely event on Friday, April 8, at the Tualatin Country Club, to support an affordable housing initiative.

I was seated with a bunch of Washington County elected officials. In the middle of the first speech, Katy King texted me with the note, “Federal shut-down averted.” I wrote it on a business card and passed it to State Rep. Margaret Doherty.

She sighed, passed the card to a county commissioner. He sighed and passed it along to a city councilor. The note made it all around the table.

It was like having our own private wire service.

Best. Girlfriend. Ever!

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