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Allow me to introduce Daria

When I first imagined “Crashers,” oh, 11 years ago, I didn’t anticipate the character of Daria Gibron being the breakout star.

Oh, she’s fun as hell to write. She’s an ex-pat, ex-spook who leaps first, then strategizes. She pretty much writes her own dialogue. Readers seemed to go crazy for her.

I gave her what I consider to be a nice reveal in the second novel, “Breaking Point.” My editor was happy enough with it that he asked for a third novel featuring Daria. I suppose it’s OK to let you know that, yes, she is the protagonist of the third novel, “Threshold Event.” It’s still in the works, so I don’t have a release date yet.

Doing a novel with just two or three protagonists was a whole hell of a lot easier than “Crashers” and “Breaking Point,” which have a dozen protagonists. There were days when I had to draw diagrams on butcher paper taped to my kitchen cabinets, just to keep the plots and sub-plots clear. “Threshold Event” promises to be a much-more streamlined story.

And I don’t crash a single airplane. Honest. OK, maybe a little one.

Admitting you need help is the first step.

Copy editors

The copy editors at St. Martin’s Press are outstanding. I am a former copy editor, so when I say that, please take it for what it is: A true compliment.

They catch errors that I passed over a dozen times. Amazing.

Folks? Thank you. A novel is a team effort. All y’all held up your end.



A book

I gave author Katy King one of the two Advanced Reader Copies of “Breaking Point” last night. She is a) a great writer and b) the love of my life.

I got home, started reading and listening to music, and she called. “This is a great novel!”

I said, “Sweety, you read it in, like, 12 iterations. You read the first drafts. You read it in longhand on Steno pads! You heard me outline scenes orally in bars! (because, I’m really that boring a date.)

“Yes,” she said. “But I never read it when it was in the form of a book.”

Yes. As always, she’s right. The ARC is a book. It’s no longer a Steno pad or a bunch of printed paged held together by a rubber band.

It’s a book.


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