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Great Mysteries? Simple: Simon

Oh, happy day. Simon Brett is back. I dined on his Charles Paris novels in the ’80s. I delighted in the wondrous Mrs. Pargeter saga. A lot of the reason why I think writing mysteries is the summit of joy is because of Mr. Brett. Today I start reading “Blotto, Twinks, and the Ex-King’s Daughter.” I am a happy boy.

Grand Dames

If you go to Bouchercon, check out the Q&A with Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton, 6 p.m., Wednesday Sept. 14. It’s a benefit for the St. Louis Public Library and takes place at Christ Church Cathedral, 1210 Locust St., across from Central Library. Tickets available by clicking here.

Acting Up

Novelists: Do you regularly break your novels down into Act I, Act II and Act III? Do you calculate the plot points that launch your story into the next act? I find it absolutely imperative but I’m an ex-theater guy. Who else does this?


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