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Rig For Silent Running

Christmas at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The perfect gift for any flier is ... um, OK, probably not my book. Oh well. I'm going to take a hiatus following Christmas to recharge my batteries. I'll resume posting in a week or two. Happy New Year.


‘Breaking Point’ crashes Top-10 List!

Word came this weekend that reviewer Joe Hartlaub of has listed BREAKING POINT as one of his Top 10 favorite novels for 2011!

In his review, Mr. Hartlaub wrote, “There is mystery, action, suspense, death and romance from beginning to end, and the last 60 or so pages are strictly jaw-dropping. The result is something that you’ll take with you long after you read the last page.”

Wow! Thank you indeed, Joe!

Here are Joe Hartlaub’s picks:


THE WOODCUTTER by Reginald Hill

LUCIFER’S TEARS: An Inspector Vaara Novel by James Thompson

THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME by Donald Ray Pollock

THE HYPNOTIST by Lars Kepler

THREE SECONDS by Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom

FEAST DAY OF FOOLS by James Lee Burke

THE PACK by Jason Starr

COLD SHOT TO THE HEART by Wallace Stroby

SOFT TARGET by Stephen Hunter

Very Nice Write-Up for BREAKING POINT

BREAKING POINT got a very nice write-up from MPL’s Book Nook blog site this week. Thank you!

Promoting the new book has been a blast. I did signings at one chain store and one indie this week, and also spoke to high school students at a program sponsored by the Hillsboro (Oregon) Area Chamber of Commerce. That was a blast.

Now I’m just waiting to hear back about the third book.

And this is how it starts…

I started noodling around the edges of a second Daria novel this last week. Trying on character names; picking international locals. Not really a plot yet, just random notes.

I don’t write music, but I imagine it’s similar to sitting down at a piano and looking for interesting cords and bridges, hoping to find a song in there somewhere.

A Tip of the Mad Hat to The Joker

Let’s take a moment to remember Jerry Robinson, 89, who died this week in Manhattan. Although Bob Kane is credited with giving us The Batman, one of the greatest heroes of all time, Robinson generally is thought to have been the mad genius behind The Joker, Batman’s arch nemesis who has lasted now into his eighth decade of mayhem.

The Joker with his (you'd have to have been there) classic "joker fish" weapons. Trust me. Genius.

As a creator of good guys and bad guys, I have always had a soft spot in my heart and a twisted spot in my soul for The Joker. He has no super powers. He has no over-riding agenda. He just wants to be bad.

Thank you, Mr. Robinson. Your creation will live on in our nightmares.

The image at left features pencils by Marshall Rogers, inks by Terry Austin. To me, this is the definitive Joker.

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