A ‘Modesty’ Proposal

The radio news show “Marketplace,” from American Public Media, reports that Chinese scientists have discovered viable DNA in the frozen carcass of a wooly mammoth. They plan on developing the DNA in the egg of a modern-day elephant.

Brilliant. State-of-the-art science.

Or it would be, if this wasn’t the exact plot of a storyline in Peter O’Donnell’s groundbreaking comic strip “Modesty Blaise.” The storyline, “The Return of the Mammoth,” ran in England’s Evening Standard Newspaper.

Spanish artist Enric Badia Romero's take on Modesty Blaise

Was O’Donnell drawing on “ripped from the headline” news stories? Not likely. His story ran in the summer of 1984.

I always knew O’Donnell was a genius storyteller. But it’s nice to see that, a quarter century later, some of the world’s best geneticists are starting to catch up to him.

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