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Fan Feedback Rocks So Very, Very Hard!

The fans are the No. 1 best thing about being a published novelist. I kid you not.

Katy King and I went to Sunriver Books for a speaking gig last weekend. There, we met this lovely couple from Arizona who were up here to visit their grandkids. The husband is a retired pilot – commercial and private. He read CRASHERS and loved it so much, his wife ran out and bought BREAKING POINT on the day it hit the stands.

He told me, “I saw this (speaking engagement) in the local paper and thought, ‘I can’t be this lucky, can I?’”


Plus, he said he loved the aviation bits in the novel. Coming from him, that means a lot.

Pictured: CL-215s, the high-winged, two-engine “flying boat” aircraft made for Canadair and, eventually, Bombardier. I have always LOVED these beasts! Awesome workhorses. (Sorry: nerding out a bit.)

Then I got this e-mail from a reader: “Just finished CRASHERS – my eyes are burning – couldn’t put it down. … PS: My Dad was an aircraft designer, CL-215, he would have loved this book too.”

Folks: I cannot thank you enough. It’s an honor to write something and to get such feedback.

Thank you.

Enchanting April (Henry)

Portland mystery author April Henry has a two-fer for you.

She’ll be speaking at Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing, 3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. 
Beaverton, at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 3. First up is her new Young Adult thriller, “The Night She Disappeared.” Publishers Weekly calls it, “a riveting story that many readers will finish in one sitting, full of suspects and augmented by police reports, interviews and newspaper articles that, along with the variety of voices, make the events feel all the more real.”

April also will discuss her latest mystery (co-written with Lisa Wiehl), “Eyes of Justice.”  Publishers Weekly calls it a “sure bet.”

This event is a “sure bet” for all mystery fans. Don’t miss it.

“…Only a Pauper, Who Nobody Owns.”

Novelist Katy King and I agree that one of the best stories we’ve read this year is Neil Gaiman’s THE GRAVEYARD BOOK. This stunning, charming, challenging and poetic Young Adult novel stays with you a lot longer than you’re going to expect.

The illustrations by Dave McKean add a lovely innocence and sense of fun to the tale, which alternates between silly and sinister and soulful.

The 2008 novel (Harper/Harper Collins) is a classic fairy tale smashed into a rollicking adventure novel, then blended through the lens of a coming-of-age fable.

Have you read THE GRAVEYARD BOOK? We’re interested in hearing other reviews. Care to recommend other books in this same vein?

Sunriver Serenade

Thanks to the good folks at Sunriver Books for a great event Saturday night. We got a great crowd with lots of good questions. It was an honor to be invited.

Thanks again!

Haut Oregon!

Heading to Sunriver Resort to speak at Sunriver Books! This is a gem of an independent bookstore. I’ll be there at 5 p.m. Saturday (weather permitting!).

The tremendous support that we Northwest writers receive from bookstore owners and managers can’t be overstated. Opportunities like this are so much fun. I’m really looking forward to the event.

See you there?

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