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Daria: Other People’s Turfs

The hero of my next novel, Daria Gibron, will continue to get around in the upcoming novel. Can you guess where she pops up next? Drop me a note.

The game’s afoot!


Katy King, me and a nicely sinister set of shadows, Prague. Let the mayhem commence!

Work, work, work…

Dateline Florence — I’m not getting a lot of writing done on this trip, outside of potentially strong opening sequences (“potentially” because I have to live with a scene for a while before I’m sure it works).

But I am getting a great deal of outlining done, along with invaluable character sketches and scene setting. Italy and the Czech Republic have been wonderful for that.


Always on the lookout for new and exciting scenes for my novels. Katy King and I visited several in Europe this last week. We’re taking notes and photos.

Man, I love this job!

Now we’re in Florence. I’ve been here several times before. The sense of antiquity and, simultaneously being “in the moment” never fail to charm me.


The bookstore clerk in Genoa said, “No. I’m sorry. It’s sold out.”

Then she frowned when Katy and I grinned and whooped.

We’d asked her about the Italian language version of CRASHERS. Apparently, you can’t get it in Italy any longer. It’s sold out.


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