Fan Mail: Better Than Caffeine

It’s one of those mornings when my brain won’t engage enough to get Mr. Coffee to cooperate. Which means it’s always the best possible time to get fan mail! This one comes from Rick in Tampa, Fla.:

“I ran across your book Crashers in the local Library last week. What a great find! I am half way through and can’t put it down. You are a master in the story development…”

[novelist’s note: “master of story development” on a morning when I can’t get Mr. Coffee to get his ass in gear. LOVE this guy!]

“…, as a matter of fact I would place you in the realms of Vince Flynn and Clive Cussler!!

[novelist’s note: I’m sure Vince and Clive have big-ass, totally cool coffee makers that do their bidding. Probably voice-activated. I just beat mine with a spatula.]

“You have a real talent and I am so glad I went to your web site tonight and found you have a new novel out. I just placed it on hold. Does this new novel keep the same cast that are in Crashers? I sure hope so.

[novelist’s note: Yup. They’re back. Well, at the start of BREAKING POINT, anyway. Can’t promise everyone makes it to the end.]

“Dana, thank you for such terrific and exciting writing.”

See why I love fan mail? Rick from Tampa: I love you even more than that ungrateful bastard, Mr. Coffee.

About danahaynes

Dana Haynes is the author of ICE COLD KILL (2013), BREAKING POINT (2011) and CRASHERS (2010) from Minotaur and St. Martin's Press.

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  1. I downloaded “Crashers” audiobook yesterday and have been listening all morning. You have written an awesome novel. I enjoy reading/listening to political thrillers and also love aviation. “Crashers” strikes the perfect balance between technical detail (needed for credibility), plot, and characters. I look forward to reading or listening to “Breaking Point.”

    BTW…have you thought about writing something involving drones? Drones are a new and integral part of US military strategy. It is also an evolving strategy with potentially grave political implications. Think of the assassination of Anwar Al-Alwaki, the US citizen killed by a drone strike in Yemen or the US government’s use of the Global Hawk drone to monitor activity along the US/Mexican border.

    You might want to check out’s “Danger Room” blog or Global Guerilla’s at, which analyzes fourth generation warfare.


    J. Meras
    Houston, Texas


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