There’s a fine line between ‘we’re off!’ and ‘we’re awful!’

Operation Verklempt: Day 1

All right then! Let’s do a roll call!
Lufthansa strike bolluxed my flight plans.
My traveling companion had to go around Robin Hood’s barn to get to Slovenia. (The good news: he will get to Slovenia. Whew. The bad news: Slovenia isn’t on our itinerary.)
We have had to reverse all our plans on the ground and Katy King was up half the night changing our reservations.
We couldn’t get exchanged money for two of the three countries we’re visiting. (Um… Four. see “Slovenia,” above.)
And I lost a credit card.
Aaaaand … I’m still at PDX!
OK! Things are going almost exactly as planned!
Will check back as soon as the next bit goes horribly awry.

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Dana Haynes is the author of ICE COLD KILL (2013), BREAKING POINT (2011) and CRASHERS (2010) from Minotaur and St. Martin's Press.

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