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It’s Here!

The paperback is on sale in bookstores throughout the United States as soon as today. I’m over the moon!

A reminder that we’re celebrating — and signing copies — of the paperback from 4 to 6 p.m. this Saturday, Nov. 3, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Picnic House, 723 S.W. Salmon St., downtown Portland between the Park Blocks and Broadway. Come have a nosh and a hug. They’re on me!

The Editing Process Continues!

Here it is: the unbound galley for my new novel, ICE COLD KILL. At left are copy editing forms. The book is scheduled for release from Minotaur Books in March.

I’m busy writing the sequel right now! But first, I need to do what’s called a “first pass” of the manuscript. Despite the name, it’s actually almost the last opportunity to do any major editing on a novel before it bets bound. By now, it’s been read, re-read and edited by myself, my editor and the copy editors.

Now I’ll swing through it one last time to look for egregious errors. After that, it’s ready for binding.


Milestones (Big and Little)

Oh, today is a good day.

Today, I got through an action sequence for the next novel that, in many ways, is my Plot Point for Act II.

Which, in Writer Talk, means it’s a big damn day.

I’m a Theater Geek (Reformed) and I believe that novels have a three-act structure. If so, I’m through the big, pivotal point that takes the reader from the middle of the book to the end of the book.

Mind you: In first draft. There’s a looooooong ways to go before it’s there. But still.

Today’s a good day.



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