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Paperback launch


Thanks to my good friends at Murder By The Book and Picnic House for the terrific book launch! It was a blast.
And thank you Portland Mayor Sam Adams for the kind thoughts and publicity! You rock!

Paperback Is Up, Up and Away!

Great event in Portland last Saturday!  BREAKING POINT is out there and available at a bookstore near you.

Thanks to everyone who made it. And thanks to Picnic House for hosting; Murder By The Book for schlepping piles of BREAKING POINT and CRASHERS; and St. Martin’s Press, for making sure the books were here on time!

If you pick up this paperback, and if you’re meeting Tommy, Daria, Ray, Kiki and the others for the first time, drop me a line and let me know what you think! I’ve lived with these characters for about 13 years now. I’m pretty fond of ’em.



Stranger Than Fiction Dept.

This is one of those coincidences that you couldn’t possibly hope to pull off in a novel. But which happen in real life all the time.
It’s Nov. 1, 2012, and I’m finally reading Daniel Silva’s excellent thriller, “The English Assassin,” published in 2002. At one point in Chapter 23, Silva credits his fictional hero, Gabriel Allon, of killing Abu Jihad, the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s No. 2 man, way back in 1988.
I’m reading this passage about 15 hours after the real-life Mossad (Israeli intelligence) admitted to the world that it had staged the real 1988 assassination of the real Abu Jihad.
Try carrying that coincidence off in your novel, and you’ll look like a rank amateur.


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