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No words…

Fan Mail Bag

So, this arrived in the mail today:

“I read Crashers and thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually I bought 3 copies to send to friends as they also like me are retired from Law Enforcement and we all hope to see a new novel soon.” — Al

First, I love fan mail in general. Some of it is sweet, and some of it is instructive. But every now and then I get a note from someone in law enforcement, or a pilot or an aviation engineer. And those are particularly heart-warming because I’m neither an investigator nor an aviator.

Those kudos really get a guy through the day.

Thank you, Al. Appreciate it more than I can tell you.

Hilary Ensues

We are, as they say, persons of interest.

Hilary DavidsonThe glamorous Hilary Davidson and the less-glamorous moi will be appearing at Murder By The Book in Houston Texas at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 27. The bookshop is at 2342 Bissonnet St., Houston.

Hilary will talk about her new mystery “Evil in All Its Disguises (Forge; $25.99).” You’ll recall that she won the 2011 Anthony Award for Best First Novel for “The Damage Done.” That book also earned a Crimespree Award and was a finalist for the Arthur Ellis and Macavity awards.

Stop on by. You’d be crazy not to.

Nerdy. Even For Me.

Observations from Wizard World Portland, my first comic book convention in about 20 years….

• Seeing Brent Spiner (“Star Trek The Next Generation”) reminds me that he’s a really good actor and should be hired more. However, his online series,, is funny and shouldn’t be missed.

IMG_0009• Sexy illustrations of unclothed girls with insanely disproportional anatomies were pretty awesome when I was 16. At this age, they’re just really unsettling.

• Remember the latest “Star Wars” triology (“The Phantom Menace,” “Attack of the something-something” and … I honestly don’t remember)? If all you knew about those films was what you saw at Wizard World, you’d think they were damn good and highly popular. Instead of, you know, just total crap.

• I don’t like crowds.

• Meeting Marvel Comics writer Chris Claremont and shaking his hand is still pretty cool. Claremont wrote some of the most memorable comics of my 20s,and I learned a lot about storytelling from his books. I got to tell him that. Arguably the highlight of the day.

It’s Alive!

So, this is a thing.

Hannah, CoverMy book is for real! Shown here with Minotaur Superstar Hannah Braaten (which, interestingly, also is the name of the Hebrew Festival of Hipness. The traditional gift for the first night of  Hannahbraaten are Jimmy Choo heels, as you know.)

The thing about writing a book is: it isn’t a book. Not for most of its inception. It starts as a notion in your head. Then it’s a file in your computer. Then a pile of eight-and-a-half-by-eleven pages, held together by inky rubber bands you’ve stolen off the doorstep from your neighbor’s London Times (I’m looking right at you, Meg Gardiner).

It isn’t a “book” in the classic sense of “bookness” until shortly before it hits bookstores.

Which is now.

It’s a book!




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