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A Good Run

Lee-RunnerPatrick Lee has knocked one out of the park with his new thriller, RUNNER. Patrick’s genre is science fiction, but it’s science fiction with its pivot foot firmly planted in today’s reality. That is to say: Science fiction for people who don’t think they like science fiction.

Definitely worth reading. Bravo.

Proving its ‘Metal’

51OLRrZecHL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Folks? The cover is still a work in progress. But frankly, I’m thrilled about how it looks. Our good friends at St. Martin’s Press have done it again.

Daria is back this August.

As if anyone or anything could stop her….

RED SPARROW: A Rare Bird Indeed

RED SPARROW by Jason Matthews is the best spy thriller I’ve read in ages.

15803037Matthews spent a career inside the CIA and his knowledge of the insider lore and lingo sets this story apart.  And that, by itself, would make this a  stand-out spy thriller. But Matthews also is a great writer of characters. Each has his or her own distinctive voice. He also can be funny; a gift given to few thriller writers these days.

If I have a caveat — and it’s a minor one — it’s a bit of business that Matthews throws into the end of every chapter. I won’t tell the reader what that schtick is, but I will say that I spent half of the book assuming that these odd little addenda to every chapter would pay off somehow. That they had a purpose (like a cypher that would add to the plot). Nope. It’s just a schtick. And it’s distracting.

But the three elements of a great story are plot, character and setting (and pace as Number 4, I’d argue), and Matthews delivers those in spades.

This one is well-worth reading.

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