Novelist Dana Haynes spent 20 years in Oregon newspaper newsrooms, split evenly between weeklies and dailies. He won awards as a reporter, columnist, and editor. A native of the Pacific Northwest, he now serves as spokesman for Mayor Charlie Hales of Portland, Ore.

SR Animated 1Haynes’ first thriller, CRASHERS was released in 2010 by Minotaur Books, a division of St. Martin’s Press. It won the Spotted Owl Award from Friends of Mystery as 2010’s best mystery or thriller written by a Northwest writer.

His first screenplay, an adaptation of  CRASHERS made it to the semifinals of the Nichols Fellowship in 2005.

BREAKING POINT the sequel to CRASHERS made its debut in 2011.

ICE COLD KILL, the breakout thriller for Daria Gibron, was released in 2012. The book focuses on Daria, the Israeli ex-soldier and ex-spy who first appeared in CRASHERS. Daria’s adventures continued this August in GUN METAL HEART.

Downtown Paris, New Year’s Eve 2011. Photo by Katy King

Haynes is repped by Janet Reid of Fine Print Literary Management.

He lives in Portland with his wife, novelist Katy King, and their cat, Glamour. He formerly wrote three mysteries under the pen name Conrad Haynes.

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Instagram: @writerdana

  1. Conrad Clifford

    Crashers was top-drawer. Read it all in one gulp. Previous NW resident so appreciated the milieu, the avionics beyond me but had the ring of authenticity. Dennis was a true swine. More to come -just ordered from Amazon.

  2. Just finished “Crashers” and obviously I’m not the only one that loved the story and the characterizations you developed. Glad to see you have more books to find and read. I picked this one up because of its references to Portland area, but couldn’t put it down once I started and now I’m a fan! Please don’t stop writing – and I bet you’re a great teacher too. Or are you still at PCC… Been recommending to all my friends and those who will listen.

  3. Larry Richardson

    Hi Dana

    Thoroughly enjoyed your novel “Ice Cold Kill”. Hopefully we will see the main character(s) again!

    As a Canadian I do though note an error in your list of G8 countries: you list Spain (not a member) and omit Canada! We have been a member since just after the G7 was formed. However you are quite correct in that Brazil and China should be included.

    Thanks again.

  4. Dana: I just finished reading Crashers and LOVED it! Can’t wait to read the sequel on my desk back in Eugene. I’m in DC and started reading on the flight out here yesterday. One of my seat mates couldn’t believe I was reading a book about a plane crash while on a plane but I assured the stranger that this was no ordinary plane crash! What a fun book. I so hope you don’t stop writing now that you are going to work for the mayor. You and Katy rock!

  5. You got it, Reba! I took two weeks off for the holdiays but I’m back at work now. Thanks!

  6. Could just not stop reading “Crashers” ; may have a sleepless night ahead of me. Will now recommend it to all and quickly search out “Breaking Point”. Finding a new author is like opening an unexpected gift. Thank you.

  7. Wow, I would LOVE to read a Daria Gibron series… she was one of my favorite characters in Crashers… can’t wait to see what THAT’S gonna be like!!!

  8. Did these books make the best seller list? If not they should. They are great!

  9. Just like to say that I found CRASHERS to be a great read… And I read a lot. Keep up the fine work I am looking forward to your next book.


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