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Cover Me!


9781250009630_p0_v1_s600So happy to see the official cover of ICE COLD KILL, at left, becoming available when you pre-order my new book — which, not for nothin’, but we’re now within 60 days of the release! has the pre-order, with the official cover, here.

Barnes & Noble still has the working cover. Which I love, by the way. Having to choose between these two covers was a wonderful dilemma. It was Great vs. Really Great.

Powell’s Books also has the working cover. Again, love this design.They’re so different.

But very, very happy with the outcome. The official cover rocks!

Less than a week to go!

Six days until “Crashers” is released!

And after that comes the book launch party, 4 p.m. Saturday, June 26, at the Powell’s in Beaverton, 3415 S.W. Cedar Hills Blvd. There will be wine and Italian bubbly!

Click here for info on pre-ordered books, a synopsis and reviews.

It’s also available on the Amazon e-reader, the Kindle. Click here.

Also the Nook, Barnes and Noble’s e-reader.

Woo hoo!

What’s on the vine?

The so-called Vine Reviews are starting to come in at! Five so far. For the most part positive. My favorite line was from a guy in Chicago who wrote, “You’re not really buying any of it, but dang, it sure is a fun ride. It’s not perfect, but it is a great book to take along on your vacation this summer . . . as long as you’re driving!”

There’s a button after that which asks, “Was this review helpful to you?” I hit “yes.”


So, the Kindle edition is now live and available for pre-orders on Amazon!

I have a Kindle. I know, some folks think it spells the end of civilization. I rather like mine. I use it when I’m flying. I also have loaded a couple of manuscripts on it and use it to edit. (You know how you see some errors on your computer but others on a print-out? Come to find out, you find more errors on every iteration of a written work.)

You can link to Kindlicious version of “Crashers” here.

And the first two Amazon Vine reviews are up on the Amazon site for my book as well. Life is good.

Susan Hasler and I are very tight

OK, I admit that I Google-search my own name (mom says I’ll go blind doing that). This morning, my name pops up on an page. Not for “Crashers,” mind you. For someone named Susan Hasler and her new novel “Intelligence.” Which comes out June 22. Just like mine.

Amazon has us pared up in the “Frequently Bought Together” category. “Crashers” and “Intelligence.” Neither of which is available yet and won’t be for two months, so, y’know, it’s sort of unlikely they’re Frequently Bought Together. Still, kind of cool!

Susan? Knock ‘em dead.

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