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Borders patrol

We got more great news and I’m so dim I didn’t realize it.

My editor, Keith, says, “Great news! We heard from Borders. Your book is going to be FOS!”

I’m like, “Ah….yea! And FOS is… Free on Sundays? Festering on Sales? Found Only Slowly?”

Seriously. He’s not paid enough for this. “Front of Store, you twit!”

“Ah. Yes. Of course. And that’s…a good thing?”

He should get Employee of the Year. Or else some serious drugs.

It means there gonna put “Crashers” on one of those tables that you see when you walk into a Borders. It’s the best location. It’s reason Number 1,397 to believe that St. Martin’s marketing people are complete geniuses. And Keith needs time in Aruba.

The thriller is already on Borders’ Web site.

June 22…. Guys? On Saturday, we can legitimately say, “That’s next month!”

Pre-order now available!

Holy hell! I just discovered that “Crashers” is available to pre-order from the following, kick-ass Web sites! Woo hoo!




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