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Daria Gibron, star of CRASHERS, BREAKING POINT and ICE COLD KILL, is back.

Daria, a freelance operative with a long and deadly history, has been hiding out in rural Italy, avoiding the enemies she’s made in the CIA, the Israeli government and Western law enforcement agencies. An old colleague tracks her down and seeks her help protecting an aerospace engineer from the White Scorpions, a Serbian mercenary group.

GUN METALMeanwhile, a small group of disgraced CIA agents have been waiting for their chance to exact revenge on the person they blame for their discharge — Daria Gibron.

Soon Daria is in the thick of both fights, squaring off against enemies from all sides and facing the threat of stolen military technology that can lay waste to entire cities.

The chase takes her from Italy to the former Yugoslavia. With the help of John Broom, a congressional aide, Daria has to thwart her old foes, take on new ones, and face perhaps her greatest challenge yet: Veronica, a mercenary with whom she is so evenly matched, they might as well be opposite sides of the same coin.

With the odds against her, Daria is in the worst danger of her life. And she couldn’t be having more fun.

“A high-voltage, high-body-count thrill ride!” – Publishers Weekly


Minotaur Books

That’s amore!

Received yesterday a copy of my novel, “Crashers,” with a cover blurb that reads, “La Scatola nera puo raccontare una storia agghiacciante.”

“The black box can tell a dreadful story.”

That’s right: It’s the Italian translation of my novel. From Rizzoli, a major Italian publisher. St. Martin’s sold them the foreign rights. My editor is shocked: he said it usually takes a year or so for a translated version to come out. Rizzoli did it in three weeks.

How freaking surreal is that?

Take this random passage from inside the book: “Susan! Come andiamo?” chiese Kiki Duvall mentre scendeva na arrivati con John Roby, e Kiki portava con se la copia digitale delle registrazioni vocali della cabina.

Roughly (sorry, I’m bad at this): “Susan! How are we doing?” Kiki Duvall asked as she and John Roby climbed out of the rental. They had just arrived, and with Kiki was the digital recording of the cockpit voice recorder.”


You’ll note, kind reader, that I opted to translate “agghiacciante” as “dreadful” and not “dreadfully.” I’ve been to Italy many, many times but my Italian is Berlitz-basic, so forgive me. “The black box can tell a story…dreadfully” would be a truly crappy review of the novel.

I don’t know from the Rizzoli Marketing Department, so I had to take a wing-and-a-prayer on that one.

By the way: Rizzoli made a trailer for the novel. It’s pretty cool, if you get past the Kermit the Frog scream halfway through and the fact that they attribute the novel to Donna Hines. Click here.

Are you freakin’ kidding me??

We sold the Italian rights to “Crashers” to a publisher called Rizzoli, and they made made a freaking Youtube trailer for it! Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a pastiche of B-roll footage. Who cares! How cool is this?

Three days till we hit the shelves! There’s a reason I’m posting at 4 a.m.

Well, that and the World Cup.


The communications team at Portland Community College spent hours yesterday trying to come up with a mission statement.

Yes. That’s the reason I opened a bottle of scotch last night.

Anyway, the point is, four of us spent the better part of the morning parsing words. Which verb is stronger? Which noun carries more weight? I favored the ping-pong of “access and success” but my friend thought “succeed” was the stronger word.

For the others, it was an unusual process.

Katy and I laughed about it later. We’re novelists. This is what we do. Daily. Write a sentence. Eat dinner, go back and re-write it. Have a glass of wine. Watch a “Sex and the City.” (best dialog writers… ever.) Grumble. Go back to the damn sentence and write it again. Mull. Bitch. We’ll call each other, middle of the night. “Do you like this line…?”

One of my favorite lines in “Crashers” is: “My asset gets hurt, you and me are going to converse!”

To this day, I’m convinced that was my all-time best verb.

This is the tower, you are cleared for take-off

Hoping to announce news this week regarding a book launch party at Powell’s Books in Beaverton! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, “Crashers” is beginning to show up on Yea!

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