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Minotaur’s Treasure Trove

The Minotaur playbook for winter 2013 has a little something for everyone.

9781250007780_p0_v1_s260x420January alone sees a wide array of releases. Among others, you’ll find:

• “ALOHA LADY BLUE” by Charley Memminger, a noir tale from Hawaii that’s being compared to John D. McDonald’s classic series.

• A couple of cozy mysteries: “MISS DIMPLE SUSPECTS” by Mignon F. Ballard and “ARSENIC AND OLD PUZZLES” by Parnell Hall. The former takes place in Georgia during World War II and the latter is designed for the puzzle-lovers among us.

• “DECEMBER’S THORN,” a moody Appalachian thriller from Phillip DePoy.

• And Daniel Stashower’s “THE HOUR OF PERIL,” a true story about a plot to kill President Lincoln before the Civil War began.

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